Titre : Come To Me
Genre : Rap
Uploadé le : 28/11/2017
Nombre de lecture : 7
Nombre de download : 0
Couplet 1: [0.36/1.24]
I walked for hours in an long road
To finally take away this load
I wanted to take it slow
And I could find my glow
I tracked down my own ride
Without follow the advice of guide
I thought the grass was greener on the other side
I didn't fight my worries, I was getting glide
You gaze brought me back to reality
It was cold as a banshee
I've been attracted like a magnet
I fell asleep and you've put my blanket
I know that voice going on in my head
I still have your smell on my bed
It's been already a year since your left
And since, I'm back totally bereft

Refrain: [1.24/1.48]
Come To Me, I just want to hold you in my arms
Come To Me, Let me stay with you and I turned off the alarms
Come To Me, I'd give everything for you could be near me
Come To Me, We are inseparable like Clyde and Bonnie

Couplet 2: [1.48/2.36]
Damn It! my clock just to sound
I preferred throw it on the ground
I'd like be in a heavy sleeper
So you could rest on my shoulder
I'll try to draw you every day on a notebook
I don't want to forget your face
I still remember about your pretty look
And our first face-to-face
I know I'm getting illusions
And she's just the result of my hallucinations
But let me believe it again
She is the only one who calm aches and my pain
I gave you a place in the corner of my mind
Because of I can still remember our debut
And I'll close my blinds
Because every night, I can't wait to see you.


I just want to hold you in my arms
Let me stay with you and I turned off the alarms
Baby, Come To Me x3

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